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NEW Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate 30ml Stock

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Provado New 30ml UBK Concentrate
Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate 30ml NEW Contact insecticide that lasts for up to four weeks. Suitable for many common pests including mealybug and scale insect. Dilution rates; for all outdoor uses (except raspberry beetle): 0.5ml in 1 litre For raspberry, loganberry, blackberry and rubus hydrids: 0.8ml in 1 litre For all indoor, greenhouse and conservatory uses: 1.0ml in 1 litre. Contains deltamethrin. Download data sheet.     Download Carton Information.

BugClear Ultra 200ml Stock

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Bug Clear Ultra
A contact and systemic action insecticide offering a broad spectrum of pest control for flowering and ornamental plants. Protects for up to 3 weeks. Kills all major ornamental insect pests including whitefly, greenfly, blackfly and other aphids, scale insects and mealybugs. Gives a useful level of control of thrips. Use outdoors, in greenhouses and conservatories. 200ml makes 20ltr. Contains acetamiprod

BugClear Ultra Vine Weevil Killer 480ml Stock

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Bug ClearVine Weevil
A systemic insecticide for containers and hanging baskets. Works in roots and soil to protect the whole plant for 2 months. Also kills whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, scale insects and mealybug. Mix 60ml of Bugclear per 1ltr of water and pour over compost. 480ml treats 80ltr of compost. Contains acetamiprod MAPP no. 13522

Kybosh 400ml Stock

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Kybosh Aerosol
Aerosol insecticide for a wide range of flying and crawling insects. Fast acting aerosol for the control of wasps, flies, fleas, woodlice, beetles, moths, bluebottles, silverfish, ants, earwigs, cockroaches, mosquitoes and many other pests. Long lasting. Active Ingredients: Permethrin and natural pyrethrum

Sticky Yellow and Blue Traps Stock

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Sticky Blue TrapSticky Yellow Trap Hang around the greenhouse to trap any flying insects on the sticky surface. Size 25cm x 10cm. (10" x 4")
Yellow Traps target aphids, leaf-miners, whiteflies, thrips and sciarids.
Blue traps best used for thrips and sciarids.

Long Lasting Ground Clear 12 15 sachet Pack 1 left in Stock

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LOng Lasting Groundclear
Unique systemic broad spectrum residual weedkiller that can be used to clear overgrown areas of the garden as well as around woody ornamental shrubs and trees such as roses and on gravel paths & drives. Season long weed control keeps weeds away for up to 4 months. New simple quick dissolving sachet application, each sachet clears 10 sq mtr. Systemic & residual kills weeds and roots. Ideal for all tough weed killing Active Ingredients: Glyphosate, flufenacet, metosulam MAPP 14110
While Stocks Last 25% extra free (15 sachets for price of 12)

Roundup Ultra 3000 1ltr Stock

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Roundup Ultra 3000
Weedkiller. Unique biactive formulation quickly penetrates the waxy surface of the weed's leaves enabling rapid absorption of the active ingredients, thereby giving improved rainfastness and reliability. Apply by spray or watering can. 1ltr covers up to 3000 square mtrs. Contains concentrated Glyphosphate.

Bayer Tree Stump Killer 3 Sachet Pack Stock

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Bayer Tree Stump Killer
A tough systemic weedkiller for killing tree stumps, brushwood, brambles and other deep rooted perennials. 1 sachet = 1 stump = no wastage. Kills tree stumps, woody plants and difficult weeds. Breaks down naturally in the soil to allow replanting. Active Ingredients: Glyphosate MAPP 14226

Patio Magic 5ltr Stock

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Patio Magic
Formerly Brintons Multi Surface Mould Cleaner. New Generation high performance anti-bacterial fungicide that kills mould and algae within days and then helps to clean the treated surfaces in the following weeks. Just and apply by watering can or sprayer. Contains quartenary ammonium compound.