Mobile Watering Equipment



£249.00 ex VAT    £298.80 inc VAT   Quantity
34ltr mobile sprayer in use
34ltr mobile sprayer
Hitched up mobile sprayer

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please click on the link below for other options

Mobile Waterers

PULL34 34ltr Sprayer. Pull along sprayer on 30cm (12”) wheels (also includes hitch bar for towing). 34ltr tank with spot spray gun on 3mtr coiled hose. Rechargeable 12 volt battery with 2 hours run time. Delivers 3.8ltrs per minute via a 40psi pump. All replacement parts available.

Silver Series Spot Sprayers (ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED)

  • 55ltr Spot Sprayer
  • 95ltr Spot Sprayer
  • 34ltr Spot Sprayer

Tanks with 3.8ltr/min 40psi pump,
adjustable nozzle metal spray gun,
4.5mtrs coiled hose (stretches to 9mtr),
2.4mtr electrical cable with switch and battery clips,
drain plug and attachment straps.
Can be fitted to trolley, trailer, pick-up, etc.

34ltr (48 x 38 x 40cm) £85.00 ex VAT  £102.00 inc VAT
(87 x 39 x 35cm) £106.00 ex VAT £127.20 inc VAT
(87 x 39 x 44cm) £129.00 ex VAT  £154.80 inc VAT
Many other options available - Please contact us.

Static or Truck Mounted Sprayer Delivery 5-10 days

Truck mounted plant waterer.
Static or Truck Mounted Sprayers Very robust rust free sprayer. Inline and lid filters. 30mtr of 3/8” hose and extendible lance. Fits into bulkhead of van for watering hanging baskets, etc. “on the move”. Baffled interior for secure water storage. Demand pump. Max output 15ltr/min. Connects to 12v battery or 12v socket.
400ltr TBAcm x cm x cm £1050.00 ex VAT £1260.00 inc VAT
500ltr TBAcm x cm x cm £1100.00 ex VAT £1320.00 inc VAT
800ltr TBAcm x cm x cm £1200.00 ex VAT £1440.00 inc VAT
1000ltr TBAcm x cm x cm £1300.00 ex VAT £1560.00 inc VAT

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