Measuring & Testing Instruments

Digital Lightmeter Stock

£20.00 ex VAT    £24.00 inc VAT   Quantity
Light meter / Lux Meter
A professional quality lightmeter for use by the interior landscaping industry. Measures light from 0.1 to 50,000 lux using four ranges (>200: >2000: >20000: >50000) accurate to +/-5%. Large digital display also shows low battery warning. Practical pocket size. Complete with carrying case and (A23) battery.

3-in-1 Soil Tester Stock

£6.00 ex VAT    £7.20 inc VAT   Quantity
Quantity Rate (5 and over) £ 5.50 ex VAT    £6.60 inc VAT
3 in 1 soil meter
Solar-powered soil tester, invaluable for gardeners to determine pH levels (acid/alkaline) and moisture content of the soil, as well as light intensity. Easy-to-read dial gauge and 3-way mode selector switch. 2 x 210mm long probes. Helps to prevent overwatering and root rot.

Professional Soil Test Probe Stock

£18.21 ex VAT    £21.85 inc VAT  Quantity
Professional soil probe
Manufactured from strong, lightweight aluminium this larger professional tool has been popular over many years with interior landscapers. Probe length 40cm (16")

Soil Sleuth Probe Stock

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Quantity Rate (10 and over) £7.40 each ex VAT   £8.88 inc VAT
Soil Sleuth soil probe
A simple tool that is inserted into the compost, twisted and withdrawn to allow the user to view “plugs” of compost taken from five depths. Ideal for testing condition and wetness of the soil. Manufactured from high impact acetal plastic. Probe length 30cm (12”)