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Manufacturers Data Sheet

The following Manufacturers' safety data sheets (MSDS) have been provided to help make them more accessible. We cannot guarantee that they are the latest sheets available. Please check with manufacturer (C= Checked Feb 15)
Baby Bio Original Bayer's original concentrated liquid houseplant feed C
Baby Bio Citrus Bayer's liquid concetrated citrus plant feed C
Baby Bio Orchid Bayer's liquid concetrated orchid feed C
Bio Leafwipes Impregnated wipes for cleaning & shining leaves C
BugClear Ultra Scotts insecticide C
BugClear Ultra Vine Weevil Scotts Vine Weevil Killer C
Chrysal Artificial Plant Cleaner Aerosol applied cleaner for artificial plant leaves C
Chrysal Leafshine Concentrate Odourless plant cleaner for healthy glossy leaves. C
Chrysal Aerosol Leafshine Aerosol product for giving leaves healthy & glossy C
Iron Sequestered Trace element for curing iron deficiency in plants  
Maxicrop Original Seaweed extract growth stimulant.  
Miracle Gro Liquid Azalea, etc. Feed Liquid Ericaceous plant feed C
Miracle Gro Controlled Release Feed (Osmocote) Scotts Time Release Fertilizer C
Miracle Gro All Purpose Soluble Feed Scotts Soluble Plant Feed C
Miracle Gro All Purpose Liquid Feed Scotts Concentrated Liquid Plant Feed C
Patio Magic Scotts Biocide / Path Cleaner C
Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Feed Bayer's Soluble plant feed C
Pixie Sparkle Cleans and shines plant leaves. C
Provado Ultimate Aerosol Bayer's aerosol insect control (systemic & contact) C
Provado Ultimate Concentrate Bayer's concentrated insect control (systemic & contact) C
Provado Ultimate RTU Trigger Spray Bayer's Trigger controlled insect control (systemic & contact) C
Provado Vine Weevil Killer Bayer's Water-in insect control (systemic & contact C
Roundup Ultra 3000 Scotts Weed Killer C
Savona Concentrate Concentrated version of natural fatty acids insecticide C
Tomorite Feed Scotts Tomato Feed C