Planter Colour Ranges

Textured & Gloss GRP Finish Colours

It is not possible to exactly match colours on a PC monitor as the colour varies from one to another. The colours below together with their names should give a reasonable indication of the colour.
ILP GRP Colour Chart

Textured Metallic GRP Finishes

  • Textured Graphite
    Textured Graphite
  • Textured Copper
    Textured Copper
  • Textured Silver
    Textured Silver
  • Textured Bronze
    Textured Bronze

Pearlescent GRP Colours

  • Pearlescent Blue
    Pearlescent Blue
  • Pearlescent Green Gold
    Pearlescent Green Gold
  • Pearlescent Green
    Pearlescent Green
  • Pearlescent Grey
    Pearlescent Grey
  • Pearlescent Latte
    Pearlescent Latte
  • Pearlescent Peacock
    Pearlescent Peacock
  • Pearlescent Purple
    Pearlescent Purple
  • Pearlescent Red
    Pearlescent Red

Pearl 2 GRP Colours

  • Pearl Blue
    Pearl Blue
  • Pearl Copper
    Pearl Copper
  • Pearl Green
    Pearl Green
  • Pearl Red
    Pearl Red
  • Pearl Silver
    Pearl Silver
  • Pearl Violet
    Pearl Violet

Natural GRP Finishes

  • Aged Lead
    Aged Lead
  • Mediterranean Terra Cotta
    Mediterranean T C
  • Portland Stone
    Portland Stone
  • Rust
  • Verdigris
  • Terra Cotta
    Terra Cotta

Aluminium Lacquer Colours

Aluminium Lacquer Colour Range

Full RAL Colour Range

Follow LINK for complete RAL colour range. Please check for availability of these colours for GRP and any surcharges that may be applied.