Bargains & Clearance (Miscellaneous)

Because of the large number of products that we stock, we are always looking to clear our warehouse space to get ready for our next delivery. To help do this we are offering the following items at reduced prices. All items are subject to availability.

Pack (18) Soft Tree Ties

£5.00 ex VAT   £6.00 inc VAT Quantity 1 only
Soft Tree Ties
Pack (18) 27cm Rainbow Soft Tree Ties.

Pack (55) Screw Vine Eyes

£15.00 ex VAT   £18.00 inc VAT Quantity 1 only
4" Screw Vine Eyes
Pack (55) Eliza Tinsley 4" Vine eyes to screw. Bright zinc plated.

Window Thermometer

£1.50 ex VAT   £1.80 inc VAT Quantity 2 only
Window Thermometer
West window thermometer. Four self adhesive pads to sick the thermometer to the outside of the window so that the outside temperature can be read from indoors. Apx. size 7cm x 7cm.

Pack (10) Cane Caps

£0.50 ex VAT   £0.60 inc VAT Quantity 10 only
Bamboo Cane Safety Caps
Carton (10) Green plastic caps fit to the end of canes in plant displays to protect both the operative and public from eye damage caused by cane ends.

Sulphur Chips - 750g

£2.50 ex VAT    £3.00 inc VAT  Quantity 1 only
Chempak trace element sulphur
Needed by most plants, also acidifies soil. An application rate of 135gms per sq.m. will reduce the pH value by approximately 0.5 to 1 unit on the pH scale.

Home Recycling System

£2.50 ex VAT   £3.00 inc VAT   Quantity 4 only
Recycling bags
Three heavy duty easy to clean polypropylene fabric bags. Uncomplicated way to sort out waste. Each bag stands upright. 325mm x 400mm (13" x 16")

500g Cotton Wool

£0.40 ex VAT   £0.48 each inc VAT    Quantity 29 only
500g cotton wool 70% cotton, 30% viscose