Interior Landscaping Products

  •  The Sussex Barn
  • fruit on the branch
  • large artificial leaves
  • Decorative model fruit
  • artificial orchids
  • baskets
  • tools
  • More artificial fruit and veg
  • Planters for every situation
  • All Things Artificial
  • Balconera
  • Boxwood

Artificial Plants, Trees, Fruit, food, Grass and Rocks

Artificial plants for all areas, flame retardant and exterior grades. Natural stem trees, base plants and matting to make artificial hedging/topiary. Also realistic artificial fruit and rocks plus artificial grass.
English ivycycas palmBuddha bambooThree ball topiarytable top cactusartificial fruitartificial grassartificial rockartificial vegetables Artificial foods

Plant Containers

A very wide range of planters covering all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Available in a huge range of colours and finishes. Covers Lechuza, Bloom, Parel, Top Series, GRP, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Galvanised Steel, Hard and soft wood plus heavy duty wall racks and hanging baskets.
quadro scarletcubico planterclassicoRiver planterrondoBloom illuminated plant potTall Honey PlanterGlamour stainless steel bowlCraft PlanterBark planterGeo stone clad planterspolished stainless steel planterscoloured aluminium pedestal plantersversalles plantertapered tall stainless steel planterGothic Lead GRP PlanterTall TroughsIronmonger Hanging BasketChubby planterCurved pillar planterCurved barrier troughCurved troughsTrim planterChubby TroughsS curved pillar planterStrand planterAcoma plantersIronmonger Hayrack troughBalconera TroughCrush plantersSeashell planterBlob planterFusion plantersCylinder planterHourglass plantersLaguna plantersLunar planterPillar plantersRound tapered plantersYing and Yang planters

Plant Care Products

Brackets that support window boxes and hanging baskets in a variety of situations. Canes, plant stakes and a number of different wires, twine and plant ties, labels and self watering systems. For control of insect pests we have biological, natural and pesticide solutions. Weed control, plant feeds and tonics, growing media and toppings. For live plants we have a range of high quality leafshines and cleaners, while for their artificial counterparts there is artifcial leaf cleaner and flame retardant solution.
 adjustable window box bracketHanging basket bracketpalm restrainercranked bed labelssnip and twistmonatankspidermite bug clearLecaroundupOsmocoe TabletsTrace Elementspixie sparklepokon concentrateSB invogorator

Keeping Things Clean

Brooms, handles and dustpans and brushes including the giant yardpan and a hand held mini sweeper. Ostrich feather and static dusters, cobweb brushes and cleaning cloths. Litter pickers, sacks and covers plus the splendid Gardena hose end cleaning system for windows, vehicles, patios, etc.
 mini sweeperrefuse sacksostrich feather dusterstip bagslatex glovesleaf collectorsdustpan and brushBroomsGardena wash brushdouble action sprayerbos sheet Litter Pickers


Felco secateurs, tools, spare parts and accessories. Fiskars garden tools and a big range fo scissors and pruning tools. Meters and kits for measuring and testing soil, moisture, light, etc. Scoops, magnifiers, funnels, trolleys, signs, safety and workwear.
Felco bladeFolding platform trolleystool pouchsafety signsscoopbucketSoil test kitlux meterSChnipp Schnapp Scissorssnip and strip prunersloppersuniversal tree cutterFelco secateurs


Sprayers from Cooper Peglar, Gardena, Hozelock, Mercury and others, plus spare parts and service kits, hose and hose ends, hose guns and lances. Gardena's Microdrip automatic watering, watering cans and mobile waterers such as the Aquamate and H2O systems.
  Cooper Peglar SprayersCooper Peglar PartsAutomatic watering timersMulti channel tap connectorsGardena metal hose trolleySprayersGeka style brass hose fittingswatering cansAquamate 4professional hosespray gunTelescopic Lance


Christmas tree stands and bags, product data sheets.
 data sheets       Christmas tree standChristmas tree storage bag